N.K.V.D "Vlast"

AUTOKRATOR "The Obedience to Authority"

N.K.V.D "Totalitarian Industrial Oppression"

MISERIST "Miserist"

PAROXSIHZEM "Abyss of Excruciating Vexes"

MITOCHONDRION "Antinumerology"

PAROXSIHZEM "Paroxsihzem"

AUROCH "From Forgotten World"

DRAWN AND QUARTERED "Feeding Hell's Furnace"

DRAWN AND QUARTERED "Hail Infernal Darkness"

PROFANE ORDER "Tightenened Noose of Sanctimony"

AUTOKRATOR "Hammer of the Heretics"

THE BLACK SORCERY "...And the Beast Spake Death from Above"

PAROXSIHZEM "Excavation of Dispear"

Cover 3 DRAWN AND QUARTERED "The One Who Lurks"

Cover promo PULVERIZED "Monuments of Misanthropy"

Cover bright DRAWN AND QUARTERED "Proliferation of Disease"

Cover 4 KOMMANDANT "Blood Eel"

Cover 7DRAWN AND QUARTERED "To Kill is Human"

Cover 8PLAGUE BEARER "Winds of Pestilence"

Cover 6INFESTER "To the Depths, In Degradation+Darkness Unveiled"

Cover 5FATHER BEFOULED "Obscurus Nex Cultus"

Cover 9EGGS OF GOMORRH "Outpregnate"

Cover 10THE BLACK SORCERY "Wolven Degrade"