DRAWN AND QUARTERED "Hail Infernal Darkness" (KP009)

KRUCYATOR PRODUCTIONS is releasing this legendary album, for the first time on vinyl.
Officially licensed from MORIBUND RECORDS

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â–ºORDER :
STORE : https://goo.gl/zDkZb7
USA residents (MORIBUND RECORDS) : http://www.moribundcult.com/product/KP009.html

-FORMAT : 12" LP
-Limited to 300 copies
-Cardboard Insert

Guitars – Kelly Kuciemba
Vocals – Herb Burke
Drums– Dario Derna
Bass - Greg Reeves
Recorded, mixed and mastered at Autopsy Room by Jesse O'Donnell
Artwork – Gabriel T Byrne / Layout - Krag

Track list :

  1. Procession Of Pain     
  2. Genocide Advocacy     
  3. Hail Infernal Darkness     
  4. Blood Of A Million Martyrs     
  5. Throne Of Desolation (Befouling The Scriptures)     
  6. Suffer A Traitor's Fate     
  7. Escape To Cremation     
  8. Bind, Torture, Kill     
  9. Nightghoul Of The Graveyards


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DRAWN AND QUARTERED "Feeding Hell's Furnace" (KP010)

Cassette mock up

-RELEASE DATE : 22 December 2017
-FORMAT : Pro Tape/ Digital
-Limited to 100 copies
-Includes 2 bonus tracks

Guitars – Kelly Kuciemba
Vocals, Bass – Herb Burke
Drums– Dario Derna

Mastered at Necromorbus Studio by Tore Stjerna
Recorded and mixed at Autopsy Room by Jesse O'Donnell
Artwork – Gabriel T Byrne / Layout - Krag


1.     Stabwound Invocation          
2.     Feeding Hell's Furnace    
3.     A World in Ashes    
4.     Mutilated Offerings     
5.     Lustmörder        
6.     Horde of Leviathan  
7.     Gravescape    
8.     Cryptic Consecrations    
9.     No Absolution        
10.     Conquerors of Sodom     (Bonus track)
11.     Seed of Insanity    (Bonus track)

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Krucyator Productions is proud to annouce that Drawn and Quartered is now part of its roster!

The legendary Death Metal Warlords will release their new album "The One Who Lurks" in a near future.
Details, release and pre orders dates will be revealed in time.

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