Partners :


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Europe :

Amor Fati (Germany)
Arachnophobia (Poland)
Atavism Records (France)
ATMF (Italy)
Avantgarde Music / Sound Cave (Italy)
Bloodharvest (Sweden)
Caverna Abismal Records (Portugal)
Egregor Records (France)
Extremely Rotten (Danemark)
Floga Records (Greece)
Goatmarch Distro (Greece)
Goatprayer Records (UK)
Godz ov War (Poland)
Hellthrasher Productions (Poland)
Invictus Productions (Ireland)
Ira Militias (France)
Iron Bonehead (Germany)
Lavadome Productions (Czech)
Le Fleuve Mecanique (France)
Maleficarum Records (France)
Martyrdoom Productions (Greece)
Morbid Chapel (Poland)
Necrocosm Productions (France)
Nightshroud (Danemark)
Ogmios Underground (France)
Pagan Records (Poland)
Pest Distro (Romania)
Putrid Cult (Poland)
Season of Mist (France)
Screaming Victims (Greece)
Signal Rex (Portugal)
Sleeping Church (France)
Third I Rex (UK)
Those Opposed Records (France)
Till you fukkin bleed (Poland)
Under the sign of Garazel


Caligari Records
Dark Descent
Elegy Records
Hell's Headbangers
Larval Productions
Moribund Records
Nuclear War Now!
Sevared Records

Rest of the world :


Ablaze Productions (Mexico)
Dark Rituals (Turkey)
Canometal (Chile)
Fall of Nature (Australia)
Goathorned Productions (Colombia)
Hammer of Damnation (Brasil)
Obliteration Records (Japan)
Pulverised (Singapore)
Soul Erazer (Brasil)
Spreading the Pest Productions (Chile)
Thou Shalt Kill! (Russia)
Tour de Garde (Canada)
Vomit records (Mexico)
Zero Dimensional (Japan)