A second extract of Autokrator "Hammer of the Heretics",
will be streamed exclusively on Invisible Oranges.

►March 16 2018, 10am EST


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DRAWN AND QUARTERED "Hail Infernal Darkness" (KP009)

Pre orders are on

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AUTOKRATOR third album "Hammer of the Heretics" will be out 10 April 2018 on A5 Digipack on KRUCYATOR PRODUCTIONS



THE BLACK SORCERY "...And the Beast Spake from Above" (KP013)

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Krucyator Productions will release the debut album of Canadian War Metal band THE BLACK SORCER" called "...And Beat Spake Death from Above" on Tape / Digital.
More infos soon
First extract : "Ancient Dialects of Wind"


AUTOKRATOR streams a teaser from the new album coming.
More informations soon...



DRAWN AND QUARTERED "Feeding Hell's Furnace" tape is out!

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Krucyator Productions is proud to annouce that Drawn and Quartered is now part of its roster!

The legendary Death Metal Warlords will release their new album "The One Who Lurks" in a near future.
Details, release and pre orders dates will be revealed in time.

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02 November 2017

AUROCH - "From Forgotten Worlds"  and PAROXSIHZEM - "Paroxsihzem" Limited Tape Edition out

26 JULY 2017

MITOCHONDRION "Antinumerology"  Digipack Edition is out

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26 MAY 2017

PAROXSIHZEM "Abyss of Excruciating Vexes" Limited tape edition is out

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 MISERIST (Experimental Death-Black Metal / Australia) first EP "Miserist" is out (4 panel digipack)